Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Spade Is A Spade

What the hell is wrong with black politicians, especially in South Africa?
Black people, left to their own devices, are incapable of visualizing or conceptualizing something, planning it, financing it, project managing it and taking it to fruition. White people have to intervene, somewhere, and make the project happen.
Yet white people are consistently regarded as undesirable in the eyes of these folk.
If all the white people had to leave South Africa, overnight, South Africa would very quickly make Zimbabwe look like the Garden of Eden. But the black politicians will not admit to this...God no!
Lets look at a few basic facts, as seen through my eyes.
South Africa has just won the Rugby World Cup. The victorious team consists, mainly, of white players. The politicians now say that by the next World Cup, 75% of the team must be black.
Lets put this into perspective.
The Black sport of choice is Soccer/Football. Every game of importance, and many insignificant ones too, are televised live.
Rugby, the White sport of choice, is given absolutely no prominence in SA. Even the Currie Cup Final, played yesterday, was televised on a delayed transmission. We were lucky that it was televised over the SABC at all!
Any viewer could see that the spectators were 99% white... where were the black spectators? BLACK PEOPLE ARE GENERALLY NOT INTERESTED IN RUGBY!
Sure, there are a number of Black players, some of them very good...better than the best, but the support from the Black community is not behind Rugby.
During the World Cup Final, marquis tents, and other venues, were established with big screen TV's and where members of the Black communities could congregate to shout for the SA team. And these venues were full.
Yippee...with the free drink and entertainment that was offered by the SABC and their sponsors, what did they expect? Offer the Black community anything for free and watch the response! The venues shown on TV, full of Black "supporters", clashes very obviously with the lack of Black spectators at the "pay-for-your-seat" stadiums.
The ANC government has done little to prove that they can build new infrastructure in SA without the financial, intellectual or organizational skills of Whites, either from within SA or from overseas. Anything that works, the ANC wants to take credit for...even our sport.
I foresee a chaotic situation where 75% of the Springboks will be Black, by legal decree, and where their abilities will be so abysmal that even clubs will give them a thrashing...with the eventual result that other National Teams will refuse to play against them. What National team wants to play against a politically appointed team that has less ability than a good local club? And the local clubs will be predominantly White. Because...RUGBY IS A SPORT THAT THE AVERAGE WHITE PERSON ENJOYS AND SUPPORTS!
The ANC is so deficient in their proposed plans for the New SA that they have even resorted to "stealing" the names of existing infrastructure, such as roads, and renaming them for their own hero's, living and dead. Build new roads and name those...or build new towns or cities and name those... but no, they do what the Black people do best...steal from those who have produced and claim the rewards as their own.
A political nation of thieves.
Uncle Bob also stole from the Whites... Factories, farms, businesses, street names, town names, you name it and if it worked, he took it...and now? Every intelligent Zimbabwean who has the means to do so has left that country. There are 7 White farmers left in Zimbabwe... and they will soon be gone too... and where have they gone to? They are all going to other African countries. Countries whose leaders have become enlightened... who have realized that by combining the best skills and knowledge of their citizens, that they can grow, become strong and make their countries great.
My cup runneth over with dissatisfaction and this page is only 1 of many to come.